“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

Can libraries collect Eastgate hypertexts?

Yes. Libraries have always been vital to literature and scholarship. We do everything we can to help libraries collect the hypertexts we publish.

Can hypertexts circulate?

Yes. Our standard license agreement covers one reader at a time; hypertexts may circulate just as books circulate.

Can we license hypertexts for our library network?

Yes. Special licenses are available for 10 or 100 simultaneous users, or for unlimited use within a library or campus.

Are multi-user licenses expensive?

No. Prices vary, but for many titles a 10-user license costs just $59.85.

Do you accept purchase orders from libraries?

Yes. Just mail the order, or fax it to (617) 924-9051.

Do you accept standing orders? Advance orders for forthcoming titles?

Yes. Eastgate will do its best to accomodate your needs.

What libraries collect hypertexts?

Readers will find hypertexts and hypertext writing tools in libraries all over the world. The following list includes some public and academic libraries in which Eastgate hypertexts can be found. The list is far from complete, of course, and in some cases the hypertexts might not be included in the public collection. The list also omits corporate libraries and libraries of government agencies.

To let us know about other libraries that should be listed here, email info@eastgate.com .

United States

Colleges and Universities Outside the USA