“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review



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[Eastgate] is on the leading edge of interactive narrative technologies, a position it has maintained since 1982.-- Mary Axelson, New Media

"Eastgate is a leader in research on hypertext"--Booz, Allen, Hamilton, Strategy and Business

"The folks at Storyspace are not making a bundle....but if fiction is going to have a future online, it's going to start here."-- Forbes: The Digital Tool

"Publishing house of the best CD-ROM hypertext to date"-- J. S. Parker, editor, Salt Hill Review

The architectural playfulness of afternoon, its construction as a series of discrete lexia linked by overlapping paths, and the poetic shaping of its individual lexia mark it as the first narrative to lay claim to the digital environment as a home for serious literature. -- Janet Murray, Hamlet On The Holodeck

"The premier source of hypertext fiction" -- Brian Fannin, Washington Times

The best hypertexts -- like the highlights of the Eastgate catalog, Michael Joyce's pioneering 1987 "afternoon," Stuart Moulthrop's "Victory Garden" and Shelley Jackson's "Patchwork Girl" -- share an estimable gravity, an obsessive attention to detail and a fascination with the formal possibilities of digital narrative. -- Scott Rosenberg, Salon

Clippings: Storyspace

"The finest hypertext system in existence... [the system] that most fulfills the dreams of hypertext visionaries. -- Prof. George P. Landow, Brown University

"The most powerful hypertext writing program on the market. I wanted it for my hyperdrama and other hypertext work....To my surprise and delight, Storyspace proved to be the best screenplay structuring program on the market as well. -- Charles Deemer

"Storyspace focuses on the word rather than multimedia and provides the reader with a host of ways to navigate, as well as the ability to add margin notes and save individual readings of the text. This seems to be a good alternative for archaeologists keen to explore new ways of writing."-- -- archaeologist Kathryn Denning, assemblage

"[Storyspace is] the leading hypertext writing software in academia and among "serious fiction" writers." -- The Interactivity Newsletter Of The American Association Of Advertising Agencies

"What a wonderful interface! It's such a pleasure to use it for outlining and storyboarding." -- Kip Shaw, Beyond Express.

"Best Hypertext Writing Software: Storyspace" -- Writers' Software Ranked

"The Eastgate site is well worth a visit" -- Mike Collingridge, Humanities Online Project, Wagga Wagga, Australia

"The best hypertext site on the Web" -- Nick Lilly, Tarleton State Univ.

"[Twelve Blue is] quite simply the most breathtaking piece of writing I've read in a long time" -- Linda Wallace, Meadowsweet Ridge

"Die wichtigste Homepage für Hypertext-Interessiert" -- Beat Sutter